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Nuovations Launches Iris + Reflex

Today, Nuovations® introduces Iris + Reflex™, a world first in an affordable, consumer class, plug-and-play ambient dimming solution. Iris + Reflex combine the light, lithe, and portable Iris Ambient One™ ambient light sensor and the easy-to-use and responsive Reflex™ software.

Iris + Reflex work by constantly detecting and responding to ambient light, adjusting the brightness of the attached computer's displays.

“As computer displays get larger and brighter and as people become more sensitive to both the ergonomic and energy issues related to that trend, the Iris + Reflex solution provides people with an affordable and innovative solution to realize tangible benefits in both those areas,” said Grant Erickson, Nuovations’ principal and founder.

Iris + Reflex allows Apple Mac users to enjoy ergonomic, energy and financial benefits by adding ambient dimming functionality to any Apple Mac computer, where this solution was previously only available in select high-end laptops or other specialized computer equipment.

Independent, third-party studies have shown that inadequate or excessive display brightness is among the leading computer display complaints and is a leading contributor to computer-related eye strain. Iris + Reflex provide a great remedy for these light-related ergonomic display issues when used in conjunction with a complete menu of computer ergonomics best practices by providing the user with a means to adjust his or her display brightness in response to his or her environment—automatically.

By reducing display brightness to an environment-appropriate level, Iris + Reflex bring to users energy savings and, by extension, financial savings as well. Modern computer displays are both bigger and brighter than ever and, in most cases, are designed to work well in the brightest of commercial or office environments. However, the homes users live in, airplanes they fly in, libraries they study in, coffee shops they read in and even the offices they work in all may often be far darker.

With Iris + Reflex, users of products with big, bright displays such as the Apple LED Cinema Display 24" or the Apple iMac 27" (Late 2009) can realize energy savings up to 60% and financial savings as great as $18 (US) per year in costlier electric utility regions.

Pricing and Availability

Iris + Reflex will be available in late Summer 2010 and are expected to retail between $20 and $30 (US). International pricing and world-wide availability will be announced at a later date. Iris + Reflex require an Apple Mac running Mac OS X v10.4.11 or later with an available USB port.

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