Iris + Reflex

Whether at home or at work; in the private sector or public; on the road or at their desk, nearly everyone is looking for effective ways to reduce their energy consumption.

So, whether you too are looking to make a difference in your monthly energy bill or are simply looking to get more done on your next flight, Iris + Reflex can help you do more with less.



Iris + Reflex continuously adjust the brightness of your computer's display to a level appropriate for the environment you use it in, helping you reduce the amount of energy your display consumes and saving you money in the process. In fact, using Iris + Reflex could result in energy savings1,3,4, as much as 60% and financial savings2,3,4 as much as $18 per year.

As much as 60% in energy savings
As much as $18/year financial savings

With savings like these, Iris + Reflex can even quickly pay for itself and, as you continue to use Iris + Reflex, you'll keep on saving.