Iris + Reflex

Modern computer displays are brighter than ever and, in most cases, are designed to work well in the brightest of commercial or office environments.

However, the homes we live in, airplanes we fly in, libraries we study in, coffee shops we read in and even the offices we work in all may often be far darker.


Goldilocks Knew Best

Do you find yourself channeling Goldilocks, looking at a computer display that is either too dim or too bright? Chances are, you're not alone.

Third-party research1,2 has indicated that inadequate or excessive display brightness is among the leading computer display complaints and is a leading contributor to computer-related eye strain.

Further, informal surveys indicate that most users simply leave their display set at maximum brightness. More users still are even completely unaware that they can change their display brightness.

The Iris + Reflex Rx

When used in conjunction with a complete menu of computer ergnonomics best practices, the Iris + Reflex solution provides a great prescription for these ergonomic display issues by providing you with a means to adjust your display brightness in response to your environment—automatically.

Simply plug Iris in and Reflex does the rest.