DS4243 Disk Shelf

When NetApp approached Nuovations with their plans for new control plane innovations in their next-generation disk shelf product, they had a vision for where they wanted to go but knew off-the-shelf solutions were unable to meet their cost- and time-to-market goals. NetApp tapped Nuovations' extensive experience in embedded Linux platform development to meet those goals.

During the project, Nuovations worked closely with NetApp's team to define, design and deliver a turnkey software platform on top of which NetApp's team could build system-specific control and management applications. The turnkey software platform Nuovations delivered included a complete build system, tool chain, boot loader, Linux operating system kernel, root file system, application middleware frameworks and software installation and upgrade infrastructure. In addition, Nuovations delivered to NetApp's team, extensive training and documentation to ensure they had the tools, knowledge and expertise to maintain and extend the platform over the lifetime of the product.

NetApp DS4243
NetApp DS4243 Disk Shelf

“Nuovations helped NetApp innovate by providing a stable embedded platform and infrastructure that allowed NetApp to focus on its development strengths.”

—Ben Manuto, NetApp Engineering Manager

“Communication is so important for the success of any project and the communication we received from Nuovations was excellent.”

—Mel McGee, NetApp Lead Engineer

“Nuovations delivered a design and implementation that were innovative, extremely well documented and exceeded expectations.”

—NetApp Project Engineer