Iris Ambient One

See the Light

Previously only available in high-end laptops or other specialized computer equipment, Iris Ambient One brings to the market a world first in an affordable, easy-to-use, plug-and-play ambient light sensing accessory solution.

Based on the ubiquitous USB industry standard, simply plug Iris Ambient One into an available USB port and it will begin to measure the ambient light and report the information back to your computer.

When used with its companion Reflex software, the Iris + Reflex solution takes these measurements and allows you to both relax and save. Learn how

Wink at Iris, Iris Winks Back

With the built in status indicator, Iris Ambient One will let you know when something important is happening. From a slow pulse when you are interacting with it through its companion software, Reflex or an insistent blink when it just gets too bright, Iris Ambient One will let you know.

Iris Ambient One Status Indicator

Plays Well with Others

The lithe and svelte design of Iris Ambient One ensures that when you use it in tight spaces Iris Ambient One shines but won't steal the stage. Iris Ambient One will fit right in, whether with built-in keyboard hubs or in highly-connected laptops.

Iris Ambient One Plays Well with Keyboard Hubs Iris Ambient One Plays Well with Highly-connected Laptops

Confident and Secure

Whether you want to put Iris Ambient One on your keychain or use it with popular computer security locking solutions, the eyelet built in to Iris Ambient One will leave you confident Iris will stay where you want it to.

Iris Ambient One Security Eyelet