Grant Erickson


Grant Erickson is the Principal and Founder of Nuovations and brings to it a passion for and experience with disruptive, market-changing innovation and a big-picture approach to products and marketplace solutions.

Previously, Mr. Erickson was an early and later principal engineer at Alphabet / Google / Nest for their award-winning, category-defining, world-class home products such as the Learning Thermostat. There, he both implemented firmware and software for as well as oversaw the technical development of platform software designed to support Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, Wi-Fi, and Weave. In addition, he influenced, led, and set communications technology and Internet of Things strategy for the business unit. In that capacity and during that tenure, Mr. Erickson was also an early contributor to the formation of the Thread Group and Thread networking protocol as well as serving as the Thread Group’s president for five years. In addition, Mr. Erickson was instrumental in the launch of the industry’s Matter IoT application layer convergence and standardization effort.

Mr. Erickson was also senior engineer and project manager for Apple, Inc. working on its mobile entertainment products, including both the iPod and iPhone lines. Prior to joining Apple, Mr. Erickson was an early member of the software team at Brocade Communications Systems in San Jose, CA, working in various engineering capacities across their edge, mid-range and enterprise storage networking product lines. Prior to joining Brocade, Mr. Erickson worked on the Global File System, which would later be spun off into Sistina Software and eventually be acquired by Red Hat. In addition, Mr. Erickson held positions at Ciprico and Control Data Systems.

Mr. Erickson holds both an MSEE and a BSEE Magna Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities.